Utrecht (Tienhoven) – Amsterdam – Haarlem

Amsterdam is horrific to cycle in.

That is the summary of cycling in the city, awful, horrible, confusing, frightening…. any of those words fulfil the emotions felt during our cycle across the city to our host accommodation.

The journey to Amsterdam wasn’t so bad, it rained and was a lot cooler – you could tell we were heading north πŸ˜† but as soon as we hit the city it was as described above πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Once we finally battled our way through the traffic to our accommodation we decided to go on foot around the actual canals and city ways to take a peek at what everyone has been raving about.

Amsterdam is pretty, but it’s too busy with tourists to actually appreciate it. In summary Amsterdam was a lot like London to me, and I’m not London’s biggest fan.

I did however manage to spend a lot of money on cheese and get some nice pictures, without having tourists stood in the way taking selfie’s!

The next day (today) we made our way to our next stop, our penultimate stop on our journey, Haarlem. After the experience of Amsterdam and knowing this was a commuter city for the folks who worked in Amsterdam I had the fear that it was going to be super stressful.

I was wrong. The route to Haarlem was super tranquil, pretty and brought us across a lovely route in the countryside. And Haarlem itself is beautiful.

It’s a lot quieter than Amsterdam but offers a lot of the same architecture and culture but without all the tourists and crazy cyclists! They’re a lot more laid back here and don’t try to mow you down every 5 seconds πŸ˜†

We are in a hotel this evening, and it’s really nice! Just off the canal and only a short walk from a mass of museums, stunning buildings and churches, oh and a great market too. Haarlem gets a big thumbs up from me!!!

Ma Robbo is napping before we go out for lunch later on, whilst I have a chill and reboot.

And tomorrow is the final stretch… Ijmuiden we are almost inyou!

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