Season 3, Episode 4: The one with all the medals…

Yup our (Durham Roller Derby’s) British Championships season is over.

Photo credit to Dave Moore

It’s been an epic tale of highs and lows, but it’s all done. From our first game against Furness way back in March, to our last game against Spa Town this past weekend we’ve had all sorts to contend with this year.

On a personal level though, I’ve genuinely found this year really hard. My mental game went to absolute crap after our game against DCRA, and in our game against Sunderland (which we won), statistically I played my worst game of the season.

Photo credit to Dave Moore

I seem to have a real issue with consistency in my approach to games. I start really well, and then it all goes a bit ‘Pete tong’. I have learned however to NOT be involved in track laying crew before any games. It doesn’t leave me in the most positive of places, even if we do have sufficient time to get everything sorted.

From that first game to the last one I seem to have been able to claw back some of that consistency, but mid season, that’s not a good place for me. I don’t know if it’s because the pressure of knowing that the season is wide open and each game counts so much that I lose my brain a little bit or what it is….

But I must try harder.

Either, way this year, we got third place, we got a bronze medal, an improvement on last season. So heck, that’s consistency, year on year we improve…. so next year we’re looking at second place.

Regardless of how that third place position came about, as a team we showed progression and development for every game. Our differentials were great, our players have some great stats and next year we’ll be back again, stronger and more consistent than before.

We will always have work to do because the level of competition develops as fast as we do, but after this year, things are starting to fall into place.

Next year, we’ll take it…. Tier 3, 2019, we’re coming for you.

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