What CrossFit is teaching me…

As an athlete – yes I know I originally used the term quite mockingly – but actually, I am! #owningit

πŸ“·: Dave Moore (Gridiron Photography)

Anyway, as an athlete, over the past few years, I’ve been looking for ways to improve myself at my sport. Improving my fitness was one part of that, but on the most part it was about improving my mental game…. which as any regular reader will know, is kind of my biggest problem.

Anxiety is a thing that I can’t escape from, and it has a HUGE impact on my game. It means I hold back from taking risks, it also makes me feel like I’m drowning even though in reality I have the strength in my body to continue. Mental game is HARD.

πŸ“·: Steven Lilley (Sk8geek)

CrossFit is changing that. I think because every single WOD (workout of the day) is something I can never win, it makes the anxiety and fear of not being the best become muted.

No one can beat the WOD, you can only beat yourself.

It doesn’t mean I stop trying, which historically would be my go to. I still push as hard as I can, I know now you can’t win – but you can beat your past score – you can push yourself to within an inch of your bodies capabilities and still come out of the other side.

Which when you reflect that to my sport, is pretty similar. As a Jammer, you push your body to within an inch of it’s limits all to simply get to the other side of that goddam wall, just to repeat the whole process again. It’s basically 2×30 minute AMRAP’s (as many reps as possible)…. easy?!

πŸ“·: Steven Lilley (Sk8geek)

It also has taught me about pacing, especially in the past week. But that’s for another blog post!

Thank you to everyone at CrossFit CLS for making me feel welcome (even if I am still incredibly socially awkward) over my first few months with you. And a HUGE thank you to my CrossFit buddies Pinkney and Hannah who have literally made sure that I didn’t have an absolute meltdown before I even walk in the door – Even on the days they wanted a rest!

Crossfit Chester le Street

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