How Coeliac changed my relationship with food

You just got diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder.

You have just been told you can no longer eat all the usual staples that you’ve lived on (I say the term lightly), for the past 30+ years.

You have to change everything you’ve known about food and nutrition, because your body has suffered damage and doesn’t absorb vitamins and minerals the same way that a normal functioning digestive system would.

You then go into mild panic about what you can and can’t eat.

In all honesty that was me, but actually there is so much available now that really all that panic wasn’t necessary.

It did however make me hyper aware of food packaging. Like never before!

I don’t think anyone has a ‘healthy’ relationship with food. Whether you eat for fuel, eat for pleasure, or eat when you’re hungry. I think around 80% of the human population genuinely have an emotional attachment to food.

So how have I managed my diet since diagnosis:

  1. Use apps:
  2. Eat more naturally Gluten Free options:
    • Vegetables, Meat, Dairy (if you aren’t lactose intolerant) are all Gluten-Free – these are your staples – eat them, bulk out meals with them, they are your friends and they are 100% risk free
  3. Others experiences, the web really is a useful tool:

Don’t get me wrong, I miss being able to go to the supermarket and pick up anything off the shelf – and I can now do that with more ease than before, I’ve figured out most of my options from certain stores – but there is a lot to be said for not living with Coeliac.

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