Find Your Passion

Life is cyclical, we are as humans always looking for a new path, road or turn to take us to our next phase in our existence – what you are making a priority right now may not be your vibe in a year, and that’s ok, find your passion and follow it, because life is too short.

I recently was thinking about writing this blog post when I came across a podcast by Steph Gaudreau called Harder to Kill Radio; Episode 107 about how fitness when you’re younger is about play, competition and socialization and how the word exercise such as in PE classes at school would develop these negative connotations. As adults, we keep that mentality, we seem to experience the word exercise with a negative emotional response – and we need to reboot that and start doing the things we ENJOY, and not see it as punishment, but as play.

I have had a few ‘passions’, fitness wise, over the years;

  1. Pole Fitness
  2. Running
  3. Cycling
  4. Roller Derby
  5. Weight Training
  6. Crossfit

And yes, most of these have died a death, but most I see as evolutions – of me – to the next phase of my self-actualisation as a human being (check out Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, for you non-psychologists).

I’ve been seeking out the thing that I actually enjoyed, and didn’t have that negativity develop in my mind – the things that don’t become a chore to do, those are the ones that ignite that fire, and make you get back in touch with your inner child and the play mindset.

Once you can find your passion the ability to train and be fit gets easier, you’ll actively make time for it, in fact you’ll probably schedule your life more around it – figuring out what it is that doesn’t fit for you is part of the battle. And there is no shame in trying all of the things and admitting that X wasn’t for you, you have to find your fit, find your passion – this is your life and your journey. You may love Yoga, or Running, or Tennis – find it – seek it out and have fun in the process.

For me my biggest passion is Roller Derby, and this is how the rest of the fitness training came to fall into place – in the hunt to be the best athlete I can be I had to seek out external training beyond 8-wheels. First dabbling with weight training, then this evolving into the new found relationship with cross-fit – both equally added value to my Roller Derby game, and one day these may become my new passions when I hang up my skates (not happening anytime soon, I don’t think?)

If you haven’t found your passion yet – today/tomorrow/this week; grab a friend, book a class/on-ramp/taster session, and commit to finding it – I promise you, it’ll make your commitment to your fitness journey so much easier.

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