Icelandic Adventure

No, I’m not nuts, but yes I am going to Iceland, in December.

I’m travelling to Reykjavik in early December to go explore what looks to be an absolutely beautiful country. I haven’t travelled solo since I went to the USA and Canada waaaaay back in the day, and although I travelled there solo I met up with a expedition group and/or my friends when I arrived. This time, it’s 100% alone.

I’m flying from Manchester airport, because the prices are so much cheaper (by over £500), how is that even a thing…!? And I’ve found a super reasonable hotel called the 4th Floor right near the Icelandic Phallological Museum… yes that is a thing, it is very real, and I will take all the photos!!

I’ve ordered a load of thermals – because it’s going to be cold – Mountain warehouse currently have a sale on their Merino thermals, so hit them up for a discount!

Iceland KitFor the cold, cold weather

5 nights in a distant land is just what the doctor ordered, I’m in need of an adventure and I think this is the way to finish off my 2018 right. I’ve had a great year and want one more thing to look forward to before I plan my new adventures for 2019 – and no I’m not cycling in Iceland! I am however going on a horseback ride and whale watching tour on one of the days, which I’m super excited about – the icelandic horses are a Heritage breed and originate from the Viking settlers, so I’m basically going to be Viking for the day yeah?

And if you know me well you know I’ll be taking advantage of the city card to see all the museums, because *Nerd*

I’ve already booked my Golden Circle tour and Northern lights tour for the second day I arrive through Arctic Adventures and a tour of the South of Iceland taking in the Seljalandsfoss and other sights for my last day in the country.

I’m super excited and can’t wait – Now I just need to invest in some decent thermals for the trip!

  • Wednesday: Arrive in Reykjavik
  • Thursday: Golden Circle and Aurora Borealis Tour
  • Friday: Exploring the City
  • Saturday: Horseback Riding & Whale Watching Tour
  • Sunday: South of Iceland Tour
  • Monday: Travel Home

And I also fundraised for my Roller Derby league whilst booking it all using easyfundraising to help our travel costs for 2019, which is going to be all kinds of exciting!

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