The Comfort Zone

Hi, I’m Claire (occasionally known as Sarah, inside joke), and I have spent various periods of my life being comfortable with where I am – I was comfortable – but that doesn’t mean I was happy or living my best life (see self-growth and the single girl aka, why being a dick is a good thing)

The comfort zone is not where great achievements are met, or challenges are sought – the comfort zone has, to me, become a place where I not only stopped trying to evolve, but began to regress.

I actually blame the comfort zone for the development of some of my anxiety issues. I stopped tackling daily challenges and began to develop a fear of failure. Due to my inability to try, I got stuck there. It’s also a location where you can live with regret – because not taking all the challenges presented before you means opportunities are lost, whether they ended up being fails or wins, it pays to always try!

I hadn’t spent any time outside of my comfort zone for a while, which meant that I jumped straight into the danger zone (for all you Archer fans). Heightened anxiety and stress levels come hand in hand by pushing outside of your comfort zone, but being in an optimal performance zone, somewhere on the periphery of the Danger Zone and the Comfort Zone is where the magic happens.

The greatest obstacle to success is complacency

The optimal performance zone is where you are challenged, where success occurs, and where the dreamers live. It applies to every avenue of your life, from your work through to sporting achievements – and it is why most management courses, and sports psychologists focus so much on mindset.

A stressed out and anxious employee is not going to perform at their best, and the same can be said for the comfortable athlete. Neither are good emotional spaces to be in, and getting out of them and learning to ‘fight the fear’ and embrace the challenge or change is part of the process.

Fear is more likely to kill my dreams than failure

It may have taken me to the ripe old age of 30 something, but I think I’m finally beginning to understand how to not live with regret and get the eff out of my head and into my life.

Being a chronic overthinker is a part of my anxiety, and it can be super debilitating. If you spend more time overthinking the sixty different outcomes, instead of just going for it, you’ll never do anything with your life.

I use overthinking as an excuse to not try, it’s my comfort zone, it’s my kryptonite, but I’m beginning to ignore the voice that questions everything. I wonder if this also plays a part in my imposter syndrome, the over thinker also has an incredible ability to believe the fictional thoughts over the actual reality.

I’m beginning to rebel against my own brain, and to my friends it may seem a little bit like I’m headed full speed down the railroad tracks and about to crash, but I’m not happy being comfortable anymore.


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