Food is: Fuel

Pinterest, I don’t know about your feed, but mine is FULL of pins about this new ‘healthy’ food, or this ‘syn free’ meal, or things that are labelled as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods – or my top annoyance the word DIET.

Can we all just take a second to look up diet in the dictionary, I’ll wait while you click here – the word diet is a Noun guys, A NOUN! Its first use in the English dictionary was in the 13th century for, ‘habitually taken food and drink’, no verbs there. No specification that it’s some ‘prescribed’ way of living, and I use the quotes on that word for a reason – it was a term used to describe what you ate on a daily basis.

So when did we lose our way and make the word diet such a powerful and emotive term?

When it became apparent that we (pointing at the folks who are profiting off of your meal time misery) could sell it to people. Yup, every single community/group/person that says their “diet” is best is selling you something, and not for health reasons but for monetary gain.

They may make you believe that it is for your health and will cure X, Y and probably Z, but the truth is it most likely won’t – there are literally a million other factors involved in you maintaining good health – Not just what you pop in your mouth.

Do you honestly believe that it’s sustainable to be on weight watchers for life, or Atkins forever? It’s not, and they’re designed like that for a reason.

Can we make a promise to ourselves to stop making food out to be a reward or a sin? Just because you didn’t go to the gym today/this week/this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat the Pizza – eat the bloody pizza, it most likely won’t kill you.

The only time any food should be prescribed/restricted is when it’s done so for a medical reason – as a coeliac I feel pretty strongly that if you don’t need to eat gluten free, you shouldn’t – you’re not actively harming your body by not eating that soft, soft bread (yes I miss the soft, soft bread). We aren’t hipsters, we’re ill, we have an autoimmune disease, every time we eat Gluten we’re destroying our bodies – and suffering for it to – but that’s another ramble for a later date!

My healthiest relationship with food came about when it sank in that food is fuel, ironically this came about when I developed my athletic side;

You wouldn’t half fill your car with petrol if you needed a full tank?

This is my point, for me, it’s all about the fuel you put in, and getting the best fuel you can for your body (and mind), eating what your body is telling you it wants – and if that’s a spoonful of peanut butter, well then you go get at it!

Don’t get me confused, I’m not encouraging everyone to stop trying to fuel themselves with nutritious foods, I mean heck I’ll straight up admit I’m trying to eat more vegetables, because it helps my gut lining by slowing down the digestion process after years of damage. But I’m not counting macros, calories or anything else where my meal involves a math calculation, because 1. I hate math, and 2. that is not a free life – that, for me isn’t what life is for.

I didn’t punish myself over the festive period, I ate, drank and was merry – because life is about more than the food you eat, and who cares if I smashed a turkey (sorry, I mean lamb – another long story) dinner with all the trimmings. It was about enjoying the time off with my family and relaxing for a day or two.

If I didn’t fuel my body I wouldn’t be able to do any of the things that I do on a weekly basis – don’t punish yourself, live your life fully, and enjoy the food you eat!! Be honest, since when did you want to be defined by your weight on the scale, or by your waist line measurement, or your appearance? I don’t know about you but I feel our lives are about more than that!!

I’m focusing on becoming stronger – regardless of what body shape that makes me.

Learn to love your body for its function over form, and nourish it, both mentally and physically. Choose memories over macros, and good company over carb-cutting.

Rant over – now for breakfast!

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