Goal Setting 2019

It’s December the 27th and it’s 10:19pm and I have an epic case of insomnia so what better to do than reflect on the past year, and set new goals for the coming year? Lets start out here by saying 2018 has been a year. A big old massive year, with highest of highs and the most crushing of lows and all the emotions in-between. This year of all the years has been defining.

Those who know me personally will have lived through all of the ups and downs with me, and know exactly how much 2018 impacted upon me as a human being. But let’s see how much all of the things impacted on my core goals for the past twelve months…

Well this was one that never quite made it to the finish line. Case and point it’s the 27th of December and I’m at 109 of 200, which means I still did more days than I did in 2017 – but it’s not the 200 I aimed for.
I think I made the rules on this too strict and inadvertently sabotaged myself – so this one rolls on to 2019. My plan is to complete the 200 days over the 2019 period and then use a new hashtag upon completion – current favorites are #WODucation #liftstagram so expect variations on these once I complete this batch.

Erm, yeah, so literally a few days into this I began to realize how much I do NOT subscribe to diet culture and this felt like it was feeding into something bigger and super negative, and I’m not about that life.
So this one died, and you can read my previous post HERE to find out more about my feelings on the subject!

I 100% smashed this, my home (my friends and family can reiterate this one) is amazing and I’m much better at actual adulting than ever before.
I don’t think there has been a single day in the past year where I’ve had a total breakdown and needed to do a super clean before having any guests. It’s a much healthier place to be mentally and I still do the 5 things to keep me on my game and not lose track of the little things.
Which is going to be super important when I start my new job at the end of January and have to get up a wee bit earlier to catch the train… But I’ve proved I can do it, now it’s about adapting to maintain the status quo!

WOW, I have had a bit of an odd relationship with my anxieties this year, in some quite extreme ways.
I traveled to Iceland on my own in December, but struggled to go shopping because of the anxieties I had between January and August. I still have some issues when thinking about going to crossfit on my own, even though I went to a Box in a different country where they didn’t speak english during the workout… Yup I’m a massively complex human!
I also had some impacts within my personal life with figuring out what my relationship expectations are and broke through some huge walls with that, so I’m in a much better place than I was in January 2018, but I still have some ways to go with this one.

So 2019… This year my goal is simple, and has some smaller parts that feed into it. But in a nutshell I want to continue to push outside of my comfort zone, because I’m finding a much more calm, less anxious, and more open human in doing this. So here’s to the year of continuing to push myself and my boundaries.

This year I want to complete the following small list:

  • Another Solo Trip abroad
  • Go to Crossfit solo (without my support network)
  • Complete a Run/Competition/Something
  • Coach outside of the team
  • Achieve (and maintain) my Pull-ups
  • Improve my Press-ups; Manage x10 full press-ups in a row

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