Product Review: Jet Black Signature Shorts #JustStrong

I’ve been a brand ambassador for Just Strong Clothing for almost a year now, so figured it was time to do a product review – because I really do love their clothing!!

I am a participant in the Just Strong Clothing Ambassador Program, and some links and product codes included within this post allow me to earn affiliate fees

First up, it’s time to give a shout out to the best shorts I have EVER worn for Roller Derby, and I’ve tried a LOT of shorts in my time as a derby player – but none have quite reached the comfort and wear ability level that these have.

Credit to Dave Moore

The Jet Black Signature Shorts are my go to for all game days. I don’t know about you but I can’t for the life of me get away with wearing full length or even capris on game days. The heat is unbearable and I need to know my knee-pads are staying where they’re supposed to, on my knees. And until they develop some anti slip material for ‘jammer pants’ skin on knee-pad is the only way to go. I have a few team mates who are constantly pulling up their knee-pads because of this and some have suffered some horrendous bruising from slippage. So for starters – always wear shorts!

But more on the shorts themselves. They have a wide and high-waist band which means you don’t have to constantly be adjusting them to keep them up, the sizing for them is similar to other sports brands – I also wear Nike shorts, which give me horrendous camel-toe (to much information?) so tend to be relegated to training sessions. These ones though seem to have some sort of reinforced gusset (for want of a better term), and so far I’ve been camel toe free!

They don’t ride up like other shorts do either, I think that’s down to the longer length of short that they are. They sit more on the mid-thigh than than the usual butt-cheek region, so have a much tighter grip on the leg and for anyone with a ‘hungry-bum’ (like me) you shouldn’t have any problems.

I’ve had my first pair for an entire year and they’re still going strong, with zero velcro damage, and they’re surviving the constant washing without turning see through on the ass!!

And I apologise if any of my terms are lost on you, I skate with a verbally creative bunch of humans….

If you fancy grabbing yourself a pair they’re £22 but if you use the code CLAIREROBIN10 at the checkout (or hit the above link) you can get 10% off, not just on those but on your entire basket of goodies!!

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