Body Image – the fluctuating love/hate relationship and Self-Isolation’s impact….

Body Confidence, Body Image, Body Positivity – we all see it hammered in our social feeds all the live long day. But is it realistic to have a constantly positive relationship with your body….

I’m speaking from my personal position and not for anyone else, you may or may not agree with my stance on this but here’s my truth.

The body positivity movement was to celebrate everybody and every body, but he’s the reality…. until the world stops feeding us it’s bullshit diet culture, new current body trend then we’re never going to feel like our bodies are the expectation.

It’s an unachievable target, we can’t look ‘model ready’, ‘strong’ or any other standard without contradicting some other bullshit standard. As someone who is not considered either overweight or skinny I feel the pressure. So everyone who is on any end of the proverbial scale must feel it 10 times worse.

70% of the time I feel great, but that 30% I feel like crap, start back on some bollocks distorted belief that I’m not good enough and commence some idiotic ‘target’. It’s hard to battle the pressure of society, it’s shit that we all have to feel like we can’t be ourselves because who we are isn’t ever going to fit the ‘type’

This isolation period is teaching me that the primary reason we have this is because of exposure. Since the shut-down I’ve put a face of makeup on once, I stopped dressing to external pressures within a week. I’ve also managed to get more sleep than usual, applied a better work/life balance than before, had time to get back to nutrition and actually *shock horror* bake!!

I’m juggling a lot with my new work routine but actually finding it more centering for me personally – I actually (minus not being able to have human contact) feel less pressure to fit any societal norm of what I should look, feel, act or be

Truth is since all this began I’ve had a much better relationship with my body because I don’t perceive the judging that society places on me, and ironically feel much more confident for it. Society is destroying every humans self worth by causing us to not focus on what counts, and that is being happy in our own skin, for us.

Here’s to hoping I remember this when usual service resumes and the world goes back, but hopefully to a new, less destructive normal 💙

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