None of us know what we’re doing…. and that’s the Truth

2018 was the year I blogged a lot, a WHOLE LORDY-B LOT, about my growth as a human being. I thought I’d levelled up as an adult and was finally #thriving – roll on 2020…


A work pal sent me this the other day, and it really couldn’t be more true – we’re all just kids trying to figure it out deep down. I’ve never met anyone in my adult life who genuinely 100% is an adultier adult. Every single one of us has shit we just can’t figure out, keep together, move on from, etc.

So how do we all as dysfunctional adults keep the world turning? By supporting each other – because together we all make one adultier adult – and that’s the real truth. No one person can keep all their shit together but with the support of their friends, family and so on they can.

Together we are stronger, and that I think is what makes us human, and why in this current crisis so many of us are struggling. We’ve lost our adultier adults, the people who keep us from doing the crazy shit, who help us with our day to day stuff, the ones we have to vent at for support when everything is going wrong, the ones who we return that connection to – the ones we support, we’ve lost that to an extent.

Zoom, Facetime, Netflix Party etc they’re all well and good but they don’t fill fully the void left by being able to just turn up at your mates house to have a cry and drink wine together, or going for brunch with your mates to catch-up on how work/life/everything is going, or popping in to hang out with and watch movies.

It’s not the same, and it never really ever will replace the true human aspect of being a social animal.

So from an adult, not an adultier adult, it’s ok to feel like everything has gone to shit – breathe, make a cup of tea, video call your mam/dad/pal/neighbour/nan and try your best to describe your feelings – they will most likely be feeling the same – you aren’t alone, and talking about it will help you find your adultier adult once again – by connecting, commisterating and communicating.

If you disagree and you’re that one human who literally has life down let me know, hit the comments! I’m sure myself and the rest of the human population would like to know how you’ve achieved such adulting greatness.

2 thoughts on “None of us know what we’re doing…. and that’s the Truth

    1. Hey ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ coronavirus has given me a little more time ๐Ÿ˜‰ hope you and the fam are keeping well ๐Ÿ˜˜

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