My Journey with Whole-30 – rebalancing my digestive system

We’re in quarantine. So I figure a fuel/body check using a well known tool is probably a good choice.

We’re likely to be in quarantine measures long enough for me to a) not kill someone with the mood swings I’ll no doubt suffer from by eliminating certain foods for a while and b) it’ll give me a useful guide for foods I need to avoid for inflammatory/digestive reasons after this is through.

For those of you who aren’t aware, I already have been diagnosed as coeliac, my poor gut is a trove of sadness at the best of times, but due to my shopping habits now varying and therefore my diet not consisting of the whole foods it did I need a reset and a shopping list!

Day of my Coeliac Diagnosis
3+ years ago

So I’m going to document my journey into my adapted version of the whole-30 and journal my experiences with it. For those of you who don’t know Melissa Hartwig (who I discovered via another blog/podcast She Thrives) created it with her Husband in 2009 and and I’d 100% recommend you read the book, or check out the She Thrives blog (the original podcast I listened to appears to have vanished) with her featured as a guest where she explains it more succinctly than I ever will.

But to summarise – it’s a reset button, for your digestive system, hormone imbalances, energy levels and your relationship with certain foods (I personally am a salt and sugar addict) #preach 🙌🏼

So I’ll guide you through my adventure just check out the blog posts titled My Journey with Whole-30 – Phase X-Y and I’ll also link them below as they come to fruition. And most importantly wish me luck, because giving up dairy may almost break me, even though I still suspect I’ve probably got an intolerance to it.

So how, and why, am I adapting the process….? Because the stress of giving everything up; Non-gluten grains, Dairy, Legumes, etc was going to be too much of an impact for my already nutritionally healing little body! So after discussion (over the phone because Covid-19) with my dietitian they suggested doing the eliminations in stages, 7-10 days p/product with a brief reintroduction test period before trying the next one. They also agreed with my original hypothesis that it’s most likely dairy – so we’re going with that one first!

Oat Milk lattes for a little while – and so far it’s going a-okay

Due to my condition they’ve suggested my reintroduction should separate out Milk and Yoghurt as different forms – particularly if the yoghurt is a whole, calcium rich live culture as the benefits I gain (based on my current dietary pattern) is something that is unlikely to be able to be recreated enough for good bone health and overall digestive support by leafy greens. But that’s because I already have proven I had calcium absorption issues prior to my diagnosis…. it may differ for others. And if it causes issues we’ll reassess it post elimination. But it has also been proven that some yoghurts, due to the reduced lactase contained in them, do actually cause less digestive issues for coeliacs. And my vegan friends will be sure to tell me about coconut based yoghurts that are out of this world after this post 💁🏻‍♀️

I’m currently 4 days in, and will update you next week on how phase 1; Dairy, has gone. But I can say that so far my bowel feels (in the words of Tony Tiger) grrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaat, I currently however feel like I’m suffering from the worst hangover ever. But that’s actually a trend that follows the Whole30 so I’m seeing it as a positive sign… 🤞🏼

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