My Journey with Whole-30; Dairy

It’s been over 10 days, so where are we with figuring out the truth about my digestion and dairy….

Day 1-3: This is fine, giving up milk, yoghurt and the products that are in line with them was a breeze. I feel like this is going to be easy…. also who knew nut and oat based milks were so easy to make yourself?

Day 4-5: I have the worst migraine, I hate myself. Did I drink alcohol and not realise it. This is like the worst hangover ever, I need to sleep and eat carbs forever and ever – also so much rage today!

Day 6-8: I just realised that I haven’t had horrendous cramps or digestion problems for a few days. Oh my god is this what most people experience? I’ve eaten the most vegetables and fruit ever! Who knew that eating real food was so enjoyable. I think I sort of like cooking, when I have the time to actually do it – also seasonings are life, along with roast vegetables

Day 8-10: I kind of don’t want to digest any dairy because it might ruin this good thing I’ve got going right now. But I know tomorrow I have to try a little just to test it…. wish me luck

Day 11-12: I’ve now tried both milk and yoghurt in tiny quantities. And the verdict is in. My body does NOT agree. I’ve experienced, in the last 48 hours varying levels of bloating, gas, constipation and everything else you could think of. It’s almost, but not quite, on the level of being ‘glutened’ and I had so much hope that I’d be able to handle the yoghurt – it made up around 60% of my diet before!

Next steps; so I’m now hedging my bets and figuring dairy milk just isn’t for me, I’m however a big fan of oat and nut milks so it’s not the end of the world, and they’re also fortified with calcium or I have to eat a larger portion of green vegetables or seeds to compensate – but that’s fine I’d rather live with that than the alternative.

I’ve also decided, to be sensible that I’ll use calcium enriched Oat milk, and I’ll only be making my own in emergencies – but this poses me a quandry, the next phase of the adapted whole-30 for me was to give up legumes and non-gluten grains…. This isn’t going to be able to be a thing now. And as my dietitian was convinced it would be the dairy that was the issue I’m pausing for now.

If nothing else in 10 days I’ve learned that I can cook, and cook tasty things, and that lactose isn’t for me. And to not have the symptoms I had, to me, is everything.

PS my skin is clearing up again too!

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