We can’t Win; body shaming, self-worth and YOU!

My body shape and size is not for you, how I look is not for you.

During my morning routine I was perusing some tweets and then I got sucked into a black hole of awfulness, which I won’t be sharing here because that just further engages with the conversation. But to give some context; Why is it that what someones body looks like you, yes YOU, have to have a right to an opinion on why?

As a woman, I am very aware we can never win the body shaming debate, no matter what we do. Either we’re shamed for changing or shamed for staying the same. And what’s worse is that a lot of the negative shit comes from, yep you guessed it, OTHER WOMEN!!!!

I know as a human in a ‘regular sized’ body people make assumptions that I can’t talk of my experience, but body shaming impacts on everyone of all shapes and sizes – and I have been bullied, shamed and made to feel less worthy because of my body shape and size, and at all periods of my life.

What gives anyone the right to have a commentary on your life? And what’s worse who gives them the right to allow that to define you? We are all, whatever our gender, more value to this world than our body. We are all more than our appearances. We all have value beyond that which you can see.

Me, just now, 2020

Can we all just stop. By engaging in body shaming culture in any form we are allowing this horrendous behaviour to continue, for everyone who’s struggling in their own skin to feel defined by it. We are making young children hate themselves because they see this, they acknowledge it, and they gauge their worth off of this.

And this doesn’t just affect women it impacts on everyone because apparently we don’t believe that anyone is ‘good enough’. I can only speak from my own perspective, but I know it happens across genders, across cultures and around the world.

It doesn’t and shouldn’t matter what shape you are, your value is how you support your friends and family, how you use your brain, how you engage with society, your value is everything else you put into the world. We’re all here for a reason and that reason isn’t to be pleasing on the eye or starving our bodies, and souls in the name of being ‘perfect’.

So let’s all try to be nicer to not just other people but ourselves, if you feel yourself engaging with body shaming talk think to yourself;
1. how would you feel if someone said this about you
2. would you ever say this to the persons face
3. why does it matter to you, and are you just pushing your own insecurities (created by society) onto that person….
Reap what you sow, be the positivity that you wish to receive, and most importantly; Don’t be a dick, be kind and define your own value!

And most importantly, if you want to make changes, do it, if you don’t, then don’t – you do you – and if you want to shout about it do it, but don’t let anyone’s commentary of it affect you! They don’t know you, they don’t own you.

Robbo Out, Post-Over

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