My Curly Girl Journey; Part One

We’ve all seen the #curlygirlmethod and the many wormholes on youtube and instagram you can fall into researching how to improve your curls, or rediscover your hairs natural texture, so what inspired me?

Lockdown, made me do it. I’m now embracing my natural colour (grey and all) and realised I was done with ironing my hair to attempt to reduce frizz, when actually all it did was still frizz but in a delayed onset over the course of the day. My hair was a limp and awful texture (I also appreciate bleach is linked to this), and just refused to do what I asked of it. So I jumped down the wormhole and started my journey.

I tried to embrace my curls just over a year ago but found it was constantly getting knotted and matted to my head and just never felt right, I tried the ‘co-wash’ method then… after some brief research, but didn’t fully invest and it never quite did what it was supposed to.

So, for those of you who don’t know, what is the curly girl method, and where did it come from?

The Curly Girl Handbook by Lorraine Massey is where it all started and if you do buy the book it’ll give you all the info you ever needed to know about curl and hair types, why sulphates and silicone’s aren’t ideal (note I don’t say bad – because it’s not for everyone – you do you) for curly hair, and why moisture, yes moisture – we live in fear of frizz caused by water in the air – but ironically moisture is a curls best friend!

To summarise for those of you who don’t want to buy the book (I didn’t, there are literally a million blogs and videos about it) this handy graphic from Naturallycurly – which is the best resource for curly girl tips and tricks for all curl types – explains it all.

Top tips from me;

  • DO A FULL SULPHATE SHAMPOO WASH BEFORE YOU START: Sulphates live in most shampoos as they exist to remove the silicone’s that are in most conditioners we apply to make hair soft and smooth. If you don’t do a sulphate shampoo cleanse to remove these silicone’s you aren’t kick-starting the process of finding your natural texture. This made a huge difference to my hair and reduced frizz by around 40% from day 1 (of round 2) it’s an important step that a lot of folks don’t realise #basicchemistry #sciencebitch
  • Invest in a curly girl friendly curl fixing gel: Gel’s literally made all the difference to my curls and yes, I was shooketh too, hair gel – the stuff that we all used badly in the 90s and made our hair look greasy – if I could talk to my younger self now how I would educate her!
  • Brush your hair in the shower: The curly girl method says no brushing, but to create my curl clumps, after a few weeks of despair and video watching, I’ve found that brushing in the shower with conditioner in helps me get better curls and also it helps with even application of the conditioner or treatments to keep me hair in tip top shape.
  • Your refresh days will improve: Keep going with it, I promise it gets better and your refresh days will in the long run reduce the amount of times you have to wash your hair. Your hair will stop being a dry/greasy/mop like mess on your head for Day 2 and 3 post wash day. Also invest in some scrunchies or invisi-bobbles because they will legit keep your curls fresher overnight and reduce hair breakage.
  • Stop towel drying your hair IMMEDIATELY: Get a micro-fibre towel and learn to squish to condish and plop – it’ll also (much like the gel) be a game changer and make your transition curls so good they’ll make you go whoa!? And in the long run it’ll keep you motivated to continue

I’ll share my favourite products in another blog post, but for now I’m a good month plus in and still embracing it, plus it saves me hours on hair styling every single day.

Here’s to embracing our natural hair #curlygirlmethod

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