Female body expectations

I’ve written of this previously but felt the need to expand based on my recent experiences since working with a nutrition coach.

After posting images (and the blog post) of the progress I had made, which I would like to point out originated from a desire to improve as an athlete, I received a lot of unsolicited advice, opinions and thinly veiled attempts to body shame me. These came in equal measure from what appeared to be two distinct groups outlined as follows;

  1. The anti-diet culture movement – these came from mostly female identifying individuals who said things including;
    • ‘you are perpetuating diet culture’
    • ‘stop fat shaming others you skinny b*tc$’
    • ‘eat a carb, you look like you need it’
    • ‘you looked better in the before picture’
  2. The anti-strong women crowd – which on the flip appeared to come from mostly male identifying criticism who had a wide range of comments and I’ve captured a sample of a few below;
    • ‘you look like a man’
    • ‘I noticed you’re single…. I’m not surprised looking like that’
    • ‘why do you need muscles like that to do the washing up?’

So, can we analyse this for a second;

  • Why did any of these individuals feel it was an essential part of their day to shame me for doing something that I did for me?
  • What impact did my open post on my experience seem to be so triggering to them?
  • Why are we in a culture now that people think that this behaviour is ok?
  • What about my post offended them so much to create a driver to attack?

I’m going to be honest, I don’t give any f*ck$ about anyone else’s opinion, my social media is mine if you don’t like my content don’t follow me…. I’m doing this for me I never started the journey for anyone else and I’m certainly not going to change my trajectory because I’ve upset some small minded idiots on the internet. But I do find it fascinating how the balance of the argument is appearing to be gender (or gender identity based) in the direction it went.

What exactly happened that made people feel so strongly in either direction?

This is a genuine question, and I have actually asked (and failed to get responses from) the accounts who decided to take it upon themselves to DM me about the apparent abomination that is my body HA! If you can answer this drop it in the comments, because I have no idea and I’m honestly fascinated by the human condition.

The behaviour itself is disturbing in that any young children who experience this must be affected, as an adult, and a relatively ‘normal’ one (make your own judgement there folks) I am able to separate the reality of social media and life – but for those in their formative years receiving such junk messaging can ruin someone’s confidence or worse. So in the words of my Dad ‘if you haven’t got anything nice to say don’t say anything at all’, think before you type, would you like to receive what you’re about to put out into the world?

How would you feel if your sister, brother, daughter, son received it? Don’t be a dick and if you don’t like the post then don’t ‘like’ it, stop following the person, mute them. And if you’re receiving messages from people like this block them, if their opinion really mattered they’d be a part of your real life not some faceless person on the end of a keyboard/phone

So to put things straight (and point 5 is in bold specially for the people at the back);
1. Having muscles or not doesn’t make me, or anyone else, any less of a woman/female/person
2. I eat a lot of carbs, and fats and protein and I eat a mixture of whole foods and processed food
3. I do track my Macros and my Calories, it works for me, it might not work for everyone
4. I work out around 5 times a week with regular rest days, that’s just my routine, it’s not for everyone and I recognise I’m privileged to be able to do that
5. I don’t plan to change my process, routine, choices, posts to make you feel better about yourself

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