Time for a new venture

I haven’t blogged in a veeeeery long time, life, work, and everything else you want to throw at it have been my ‘excuses’ for struggling creatively with my writing. But it also became an opportunity to get into a new path for my creative juices.

Since December 2020 I have become part of a Podcast, Everyone Dies in Sunderland, which recently publicly launched and is proving to be a new entertaining jaunt into a whole new world. As a person who does not like my voice this will, for many reasons, seem to be a bit of a shock.

So far though I’m enjoying the process, slowly finding my feet (and voice), with the guys who are leading the project. It’s nice to be part of a collaboration and also let’s do my usual social media creativity (because we all know if I wasn’t in my current line of work that’s something that probably would’ve been my career route)

So where can you find out about this new venture? If you pop into the menu (above) you’ll see a new tab for ‘other projects’ and I’ve conveniently linked all the various podcast apps that we are available on direct to our profiles so you can test the water with our episodes – be sure to drop any feedback on them through our social media channels (or here, I still like to interact with my readers through the blog as this is where it all started!)

And who knows, next we may even try vlogging 👀 but we shall see!

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