My CrossFit Open 2021

I entered the games before the lockdown happened (again), with high hopes of a good baseline to see my progress from the last time I gave it a go in 2019.

But like I say lockdown happened, life happened, struggling happened, adversity happened… so here we are.

Two weeks before the open family stuff happened. I stopped working out, stopped training, things were difficult, which impacted my discipline and my motivation. I needed breathing space for my brain, this changed my plan.

My original aim is now gone, my new aim is using it as a reboot. The open workouts are motivating me to get going again, equipment free, without added pressure of ‘failing’ – she said before Castro programmed the goddamn wall walks – the aim is to get it done (one and done) and just get back into it.

So far it’s been great, the motivation to keep going and rebuild again is back. We’ve got one more workout to go, and I’m feeling really good with how it’s going. All things considered it would’ve been so easy to say ‘yeah I paid to enter but I didn’t do it, because life’, so spinning it as a way to get back into it has really benefitted me. And I’m equally interested to see where I end up, it’s not comparable but I like data so it’s still good to see where I fall on the new equipment free leaderboard.

Isn’t that what CrossFit is all about? It’s for everyone, regardless of level or ability. Scaling isn’t failing, it’s working to your capacity. And by capacity that’s mental as well as physical and sometimes you have to do what’s best for your brain to cope with. Ditch your ego, and just keep swimming because effort is effort.

Equipment Free 2021 CrossFit Open

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