Just do it anyway – Competing as an Rx-ish Athlete

It's been a while - But Hi, Hello, and Welcome for those of use who've never met, or never read my blog previously, and for anyone who's a listener to Everyone Dies in Sunderland, this may be slightly off target for you, but haaaaaaaaiiiiii For those new here I figure it's worth giving some background, … Continue reading Just do it anyway – Competing as an Rx-ish Athlete

I’m too Selfish – my apology to Roller Derby

In case you all missed it, we've been living through a global pandemic for a while now - this pandemic saw many things come to a standstill, one of those things was my ex-sport, Roller Derby. Which was a bit of a pain because as we went into lockdown we had basically hit our peak … Continue reading I’m too Selfish – my apology to Roller Derby

My CrossFit Open 2021

I entered the games before the lockdown happened (again), with high hopes of a good baseline to see my progress from the last time I gave it a go in 2019. 2019 not long into my CrossFit journey... But like I say lockdown happened, life happened, struggling happened, adversity happened... so here we are. Pre-Lockdown … Continue reading My CrossFit Open 2021

Time for a new venture

I haven’t blogged in a veeeeery long time, life, work, and everything else you want to throw at it have been my ‘excuses’ for struggling creatively with my writing. But it also became an opportunity to get into a new path for my creative juices. Since December 2020 I have become part of a Podcast, … Continue reading Time for a new venture

Female body expectations

I've written of this previously but felt the need to expand based on my recent experiences since working with a nutrition coach. After posting images (and the blog post) of the progress I had made, which I would like to point out originated from a desire to improve as an athlete, I received a lot … Continue reading Female body expectations