Roller Derby Coaching – Part.2 When the Plan isn’t working

Your plan is written and then it happens - for some reason something doesn’t seem to be working out, you have an ‘oh my god’ moment…. I used to genuinely panic at this point - I’ve been known to actually skate out of the hall in a flat spin, shout at myself in the toilets … Continue reading Roller Derby Coaching – Part.2 When the Plan isn’t working

Self Growth and the Single Girl

If you know me well, you’ll know I’m big on setting goals and generally winning at life, but you’ll also know I don’t set any goals with regard to relationships, and probably (if I really think about it) don’t place a great value on them, in fact I have actively avoided them - and by … Continue reading Self Growth and the Single Girl

Living with PCOS – Guest Blog

Autoimmune Conditions are becoming more prevalent in our modern society, but diagnosis and treatment for some are still inconsistent, or lack research commitments. This needs to change, and to do that we need to increase awareness. September is PCOS awareness month - In the UK currently (according to the NHS) it is suspected that 1 … Continue reading Living with PCOS – Guest Blog

Find Your Passion

Find your Passion: fitness when you’re younger is about play, competition and socialization and how the word exercise - such as in PE classes at school - would develop these negative connotations. As adults, we keep that mentality, we seem to experience the word exercise with a negative emotional response - and we need to reboot that and start doing the things we ENJOY, and not see it as punishment, but as play.

Roller Derby Coaching – Part.1 How I Session Plan

Let's start off by saying coaching isn’t easy - Coaching is actually really hard! Being able to make a session that; covers varying experience and skills levels, keeps everyone engaged and involved, and most importantly allows everyone to continue to learn. Initially I found this incredibly daunting, and I still do - so this is how I plan my sessions, in case it helps anyone else out there who’s new to the coaching world!