My Curly Girl Journey; Part One

We've all seen the #curlygirlmethod and the many wormholes on youtube and instagram you can fall into researching how to improve your curls, or rediscover your hairs natural texture, so what inspired me? Lockdown, made me do it. I'm now embracing my natural colour (grey and all) and realised I was done with ironing my … Continue reading My Curly Girl Journey; Part One

I don’t miss Roller Derby – I do miss my Team #truthbomb

I’ve been involved in roller derby for a good few years now, training 2-3 times a week, playing 3-5 games a year. Coaching, training, playing, organising, and initially I was at a loss. But in all honesty right now, I don’t miss it. Don't get me wrong, if we could start the sport again I'd … Continue reading I don’t miss Roller Derby – I do miss my Team #truthbomb

Skills COVID-19 taught me; Gardening

I’m the one who can kill most plants with no intention of doing harm. The only plants I can keep are those that thrive on neglect, I’m a bad plant parent.... so much so my god-daughter almost refused to give me a pumpkin because she knows it will most likely end up dead. I am … Continue reading Skills COVID-19 taught me; Gardening

We can’t Win; body shaming, self-worth and YOU!

My body shape and size is not for you, how I look is not for you. During my morning routine I was perusing some tweets and then I got sucked into a black hole of awfulness, which I won't be sharing here because that just further engages with the conversation. But to give some context; … Continue reading We can’t Win; body shaming, self-worth and YOU!

My Journey with Whole-30; Dairy

It’s been over 10 days, so where are we with figuring out the truth about my digestion and dairy.... Day 1-3: This is fine, giving up milk, yoghurt and the products that are in line with them was a breeze. I feel like this is going to be easy.... also who knew nut and oat … Continue reading My Journey with Whole-30; Dairy