500km Done

We've made it, back to the ferry and on the shortest route of the journey so far. Holland it's been wonderful. We literally had two extremes of weather, but in reality we've been really lucky it didn't rain and thunder the whole time. I've eaten Salmon and Steak nearly every day #fuelling and had some … Continue reading 500km Done


Utrecht (Tienhoven) – Amsterdam – Haarlem

Amsterdam is horrific to cycle in. That is the summary of cycling in the city, awful, horrible, confusing, frightening.... any of those words fulfil the emotions felt during our cycle across the city to our host accommodation. The journey to Amsterdam wasn't so bad, it rained and was a lot cooler - you could tell … Continue reading Utrecht (Tienhoven) – Amsterdam – Haarlem

Leerdam – Nijmegen (Oosterhout) – Arnhem (Wolfheze)

4th June: So our hosts and everyone else were correct. The route to Nijmegen from Leerdam was long, oh so very long, and hot! One thing we've found over here is the distinct lack of facilities for cyclists. Cafes, Restaurants or even little rest stops are very few and far between. This is making the … Continue reading Leerdam – Nijmegen (Oosterhout) – Arnhem (Wolfheze)