My Diagnosis! Pt. 2

Being diagnosed as coeliac. Part Two.

My Diagnosis! Pt. 1

Being diagnosed as coeliac. Part One.

4 more weeks…

So 14 days on from injury it turns out they're happy with the stability of the fracture. But there's not yet any bone regrowth, stupid non-adamantium bone structure! The wait goes on, on a positive note though it does mean my forced time non-weight bearing will mean that I'll heal better than if they'd given … Continue reading 4 more weeks…

Maintaining fitness while injured

As the boredom and frustration set in, you begin to realise that your starting to lose your hard earned fitness levels. For two reasons, firstly you are now basically sedentary and secondly you either haven't amended your eating habits or quite frankly you're eating for comfort.... This is not the answer. After doing some research, … Continue reading Maintaining fitness while injured

Tips for Injury

So far I have learnt the following: Never wear jeans if you suspect a fracture to the leg or ankle - turns out you'll be stuck in said jeans, pants or otherwise until your backslab is removed. Lucky for me the swelling went down enough for my new cast the next day. Tip: Pack shorts or … Continue reading Tips for Injury