Why I hate Certificates…

Yes, me, Miss competitive and lover of stats tables - I HATE Roller Derby certificates. But why, you may ask, do I hate them so much - Because I feel that they have little to no value and are frankly a waste of time. Yes I'm a huge killjoy; I skate under my real name, … Continue reading Why I hate Certificates…


Review: Bionic Bigfoot Toe Stops

Toe Stops - a super important part of any Roller Skate, and especially useful for Roller Derby. Whether a Jammer or a Blocker toe stops are a very individual thing, what works for one doesn't work for all. It's not a one size fit's all - But with that in mind here's why I love … Continue reading Review: Bionic Bigfoot Toe Stops

Is roller derby finally a ‘serious sport’? ~ The Overtake

I recently was interviewed by John Hart for an article on Roller Derby, and it got published. Is roller derby finally a ‘serious sport’? ~ The Overtake

Why Negative Feedback is Important

I love feedback, I like the way it enables me to help others to improve and I like being able to develop myself based on feedback I'm given. So when is feedback not useful? Why would anyone criticize certain feedback? When does feedback actually stop player/personal development? When it's constantly positive. The whole point of … Continue reading Why Negative Feedback is Important

Be STRONG, Not Aggressive

In the past year I have heard, and personally been given feedback from my coaches and team mates as a Roller Derby player and I feel there is a lot to be said for the words we use in the feedback we give. There are players on all sorts of teams, far and wide who … Continue reading Be STRONG, Not Aggressive