Day 8: The Journey Home

After the week that somehow has flown over, it's now time to start the journey back to the home country and a proper cup of tea (which I will have as soon as we land in Heathrow!!) Last night we spent our last evening in Austria by having a stroll to the centre monument and … Continue reading Day 8: The Journey Home

Traismauer – Vienna

Final day of cycling. Today we made the decision to get away early again because the weather was due to get hotter or rain depending on our location. So off we went (after I consumed the best GF bread and a dippy dippy egg), back up the track to the Donau from the Traisen. From … Continue reading Traismauer – Vienna

Emmersdorf – Traismauer

This morning I got Gluten Free Cornflakes... this was a revelation. I haven't had cornflakes in aaaaages, mostly because Sainsbury's changed their recipe so the barley malt extract levels are too high. So happy!!! Anyway enough about the food. Today's section was through Spitz and Krems. Spitz was where we were supposed to have a … Continue reading Emmersdorf – Traismauer

Donaubrucke – Emmersdorf

After what was probably my second best nights sleep since day one (the heat is killing my sleep pattern) we're up and at em for Day 4 of 6. We've got around 100 miles left to go  till Vienna and until Tuesday (today is Sunday) to complete, so that's around 33 mile p/day. For today's … Continue reading Donaubrucke – Emmersdorf

Linz – Donaubrucke nr Grein (via Mauthausen)

The Steinberger hotel had the best breakfast yet, GF bread win yaaaaaas I even made a sneaky sandwich snack for later with it 🙌🏼 Then we were off! We took a shortcut over the advised route back down the promenade and over the other bridge, and snuck over the bridge next to us at the … Continue reading Linz – Donaubrucke nr Grein (via Mauthausen)