Kinderdijk (Lekkerkek) – Leerdam

Today was the hottest! It hit 31 degrees at one point, I have reached a whole new level of sunburn. My thighs are red, below my knees is white and my calves are red. I look like one of those picture books where you can swap the top, middle and bottoms of the people to … Continue reading Kinderdijk (Lekkerkek) – Leerdam

Gouda – Kinderdijk (Lekkerkek)

After a good breakfast with our hosts and putting the world to rights we pootled on our merry way. In the wrong direction... Yup, today we went the wrong way out of Gouda and ended up back in the village we had entered into the area from, and had to do some quick back tracking … Continue reading Gouda – Kinderdijk (Lekkerkek)

Leiden (Hoogmade) – Gouda

Our first night in the windmill was amazing, great sleep and a brilliant breakfast. Our host was amazing and spoke much better English than we do Dutch! So today we completed a section of the Leiden lakes circular, and saw loads of windmills, goats, sheep and cattle. Instead of walls and fences they use moats … Continue reading Leiden (Hoogmade) – Gouda

Ijmuiden – Leiden (Hoogmade)

The ferry was not the best nights sleep I've ever had... A squeaky cabin and noisy aircon does not make for a pleasant snooze. We did however meet a lovely lady on the ferry who was impressed that we weren't just doing the usual and only going to Amsterdam. Bonus points us 😁 So after … Continue reading Ijmuiden – Leiden (Hoogmade)

Netherlands, we are coming!

And we finally have some progress on our tour plans for 2018 - and we're travelling (as planned) using Vrienden op de Fiets which allows us to travel more economically and hopefully experience more of the local culture. So here's our route outline for the tour.... Ijmuiden - Leiden 30 mile Leiden - Gouda 18 MileLeiden … Continue reading Netherlands, we are coming!