Day 7: Kejim-who-jik??

Today we went to kejimkujik, as explained earlier-which is the national park of nova scotia-and had a bit of an explore around. First off we went to go see Mills Falls a "waterfall" which chris described as rapids, and it's much smaller than low force in teesdale, England so I think rapids covers it! Although … Continue reading Day 7: Kejim-who-jik??

Day 5 & 6: Tragedy strikes Halifax

Day 5: We collected in the traps today and I finally caught a little guy, my transect was nearest the road so it was slightly unexpected! So I was pleased. But Anne took a nasty fall on the rocks and was taken to hospital for 11 stitches it was a very deep hole in her … Continue reading Day 5 & 6: Tragedy strikes Halifax

Day 4: Alvin, Simon, Theodore, doop-do doopety-do

Ok today's blog shall be short and yes photos are still in progress. I'm tired you know!! Anyway trap checking again today and still my transect caught none, but no captures are just as important as captures! We caught 8 in total but all were recaptures from yesterday, and the female I handled is now … Continue reading Day 4: Alvin, Simon, Theodore, doop-do doopety-do

Day 3: Lights, Camera, Action!

Ok today was trap checking day and would you believe it we had 7 captures today, although 3 in the afternoon were recaptures from the morning. We caught all red backed vole one of which I handled I will include images and a video soon! After capture we had to set them in a timidity … Continue reading Day 3: Lights, Camera, Action!

Day 2: Trapping begins

Up and out at 9:00 and then off to the study site for our first trapping session. The traps we use are Longworth traps which are most commonly used for rodent trapping and were designed in longworth near Oxford, UK. I will add a picture to my albums of them. We walked a line transect … Continue reading Day 2: Trapping begins