If you follow me you’ll know that I’m now a part of the Just Strong Ambassador programme.

Photo credit to Jason Garnett - wearing Just Strong Jet Black Signature Shorts

So why, you may ask, am I an ambassador for Just Strong?

They’re a brand that I can believe in.

They’re made specifically for women and focus on fit and function. I hate it when you buy some new gym gear and within a few wears it’s stretched out, misshaped, threading or just going thin in inappropriate areas 🙄

I want kit that works as hard as I do!

As a roller derby player another concern is always contact with Velcro. Elbow pads, knees pads and wrist guards that are held together with Velcro (and sometimes tape) is a huge annoyance when you’ve just got your new gear and after one session you literally look like it’s gone through a years playing season, because your team mates Velcro got stuck to you mid drill… we all know that feeling – with Just Strong Clothing this hasn’t been an issue.

You only have to read their brand bio to know they believe in women in sport and women as athletes. It doesn’t matter what size, shape, age or anything else for that matter. We are Just Strong 💪🏼

Follow this link to grab my Ambassador discount – 10% off – and go check out their products!!

#youbeyou #juststrong