Home Sweet Home

Well now it’s officially over – back to the grind tomorrow at work, and back to the real world. My flights all went fine, no Ash related problems which was pleasant, however I was unlucky enough to be sat in front of someone who coughed incessantly all the way from Montreal to Paris!! Which was … Continue reading Home Sweet Home

Day 12: Last day in Bonnie New Scotland

And so the adventure ends, today is the last day!! That's right folks, the lastest day, sad-sad times.But anyway so to discuss today... We had a debate this morning about environmentalism and what the ideas and theories actually mean to us and the rest of the earth as a being. Which was pretty deep!! Then … Continue reading Day 12: Last day in Bonnie New Scotland

Day 10 & 11: Happy Earthday

Ok I know I didn't blog yesterday but we didn't really have time so in summary:Day 10: Today we went to Cooks Lake again to continue our rodent trapping and deer surveys. While we didn't catch anything in our traps we did get to walk through some pretty amazing forest, the views were amazing! We … Continue reading Day 10 & 11: Happy Earthday

Day 9: Ticks strike back

After being tick free for a long time today they unleashed a force greater than we could have imagined. Today I had 8 in total though 5 were found on my salapets (ski pants to normal people). The rest were on my hoody or jacket, and it wasn't just me it was everyone poor Anne … Continue reading Day 9: Ticks strike back

Day 8: Our luck runs out

The rains have arrived... today while out in the field it was officially minging! It was cold and damp and not very pleasant, kind of like being in England (ha ha). Anyway today was our first day at cooks lake-our new trapping site. It's a lot different from the last one, as there's no brambles or … Continue reading Day 8: Our luck runs out