Flexitarian Eating… Why I’m Eating Less Meat and Dairy

So to start off, I am aware of the fact that a flexitarian diet is basically the labradoodle of the diet world, but apparently it's a thing and right now I identify with it - it's a semi-vegetarian in that you eat an almost vegetarian diet but with some minor flexible changes. Please note, for … Continue reading Flexitarian Eating… Why I’m Eating Less Meat and Dairy

My Journey with Whole-30; Dairy

It’s been over 10 days, so where are we with figuring out the truth about my digestion and dairy.... Day 1-3: This is fine, giving up milk, yoghurt and the products that are in line with them was a breeze. I feel like this is going to be easy.... also who knew nut and oat … Continue reading My Journey with Whole-30; Dairy

Coeliac Awareness: 5 things I wish I’d known

I've been diagnosed coeliac for a few years now, so in honor of that (and coeliac awareness week), I figured it was an ideal time to share the 5 things I wish I was told in the first weeks of my diagnosis 1. Join coeliac UK If there is one thing I'd recommend to ANY … Continue reading Coeliac Awareness: 5 things I wish I’d known

Food is: Fuel

Pinterest, I don’t know about your feed, but mine is FULL of pins about this new ‘healthy’ food, or this ‘syn free’ meal, or things that are labelled as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods - or my top annoyance the word DIET. Can we all just take a second to look up diet in the dictionary, … Continue reading Food is: Fuel

Living with PCOS – Guest Blog

Autoimmune Conditions (like coeliac) are becoming more prevalent in our modern society, but diagnosis and treatment for some are still inconsistent, or lack research commitments. This needs to change, and to do that we need to increase awareness. September is PCOS awareness month - In the UK currently (according to the NHS) it is suspected … Continue reading Living with PCOS – Guest Blog