A proper cup of tea.

And so the journey home is over. But to recap... ----- Last breakfast at the hotel this morning. Going to miss having pastries, meat and cheese for breakfast. A bit itchy from the sunburn, my chest and shoulders look painful. Next time I think I'll pack sun cream - it's amazing how little time it … Continue reading A proper cup of tea.

Whistle stop tour…

Today we did what every tourist does and tour the city of Budapest. Big B Bus tours was our selected hop on hop off tour. And after hopping on, off we meandered towards the castle, stopping at various routes along the way. For the first time round we stopped on and selected which stops interested … Continue reading Whistle stop tour…

WDS 2013 Budapest, Hungexpo

Today was the day. After an awesome breakfast at the hotel we got ready and off we trotted. We'd pre-scoped out the route using Google maps and our trusty Budapest city map, so off we went. A 3 mile walk in ~30°c was pleasant. And after a minor detour and some assistance from a nice … Continue reading WDS 2013 Budapest, Hungexpo

Destination District 6

03:28 Can't sleep - Apparently my body has decided I have to wake up a whole 30 minutes before I really needed to. Why is it that when you need to your mind just won't shut down? Setting off for Manchester airport at around 04:00 once we arrive I can relax. The plane is for … Continue reading Destination District 6

Mini-break homies!

Well the time has come for a Robbo excursion. Not on such a massive scale as the time when... (insert random previous destination). But good things come in small packages. So it has come to pass that I am off to Hungary, or more specifically Budapest. Myself and my travel companion for this journey are … Continue reading Mini-break homies!