My CrossFit Open 2021

I entered the games before the lockdown happened (again), with high hopes of a good baseline to see my progress from the last time I gave it a go in 2019. 2019 not long into my CrossFit journey... But like I say lockdown happened, life happened, struggling happened, adversity happened... so here we are. Pre-Lockdown … Continue reading My CrossFit Open 2021

British Champs – Tier 3 North

[Disclaimer: Written prior to 30th of March] This year we got promoted. Our first game is the 30th of March in the seaside town of Blackpool. This season is a total unknown to us - The team has changed, as all Roller Derby teams do, a lot since last season. We've got a shorter Jammer … Continue reading British Champs – Tier 3 North

Scaling isn’t Failing; A WODucation

In April 2018 I added something new to my fitness routine and began my Journey into the world of CrossFit. It's now almost a year later and true to form, and my competitive nature, I signed up to take part in the open. It's just been revealed what 19.4 is and I figure now is … Continue reading Scaling isn’t Failing; A WODucation

Roller Derby Coaching / Jan 2019

We’re back on it for the 2019 season, and we’re hitting the year off with a bang - British Championships, Tier 3 is our new home and we’re ready for the challenge it brings. So back to coaching, and developing myself as a coach, which is one of my big goals for this year. I’ve … Continue reading Roller Derby Coaching / Jan 2019

Why off-skates is more Important than ever

I don’t know about you guys, but playing Roller Derby is getting harder - not as in the rule book (that’s another post in itself) - but as in just physically playing the sport… I’ve been involved in Roller Derby for around 6/7 years, which compared to some folks makes me a novice, but can … Continue reading Why off-skates is more Important than ever