Great North Swim 2012

I completed my mile swim in 01:09 which was just over my pool target. And taking currents etc. into account I don't think I did too bad! I did get cramp in my legs at one stage (around the 1200 metres marker) but after that wore off I was away again. Wild swimming is such … Continue reading Great North Swim 2012

Wetsuit wiggle

Today my aquasphere Wetsuit rental arrived from and good god are they hard to wiggle into. After assistance from a brother and my mother I finally got into it. Honestly I know there built to keep the water out but surely I'm meant to be able to get into it?? After much effort getting … Continue reading Wetsuit wiggle

Training Session #3

I did it – tonight with Coach Heathers encouragement I swam a mile, in 63 minutes, so just over an hour. And as a sign of that achievement I started up my fundraising page with So start donating. I’m fundraising for Myeloma UK which is a charity that works with this specific cancer … Continue reading Training Session #3

Training session #1

Ok so today training commenced, and weaning oneself in gently is the way forward. My aim, to do the final mile in 1.5 hours... So off I went, with Heather of Stormford Golden's as "coach". Well if I try to do the whole thing in a combination of breast stroke and paddling on my back … Continue reading Training session #1

Splashy, Splashy

Well people, I have decided – as crazily as it may sound – to take part in the Great North Swim 2012. Yes, that’s right, I’m going to attempt to train for and swim 1 mile (I chickened out on the 2 mile, but maybe in  2013, if we all live that long?) So now … Continue reading Splashy, Splashy