Coeliac and Weight Gain

Since being diagnosed as Coeliac managing my diet was initially very hard. As a human I had survived on pasta, bread and cereal for the majority of my 20's. The diagnosis was not only a turning point in what I ate but it also became interlinked with how I ate. For a good 5-7 years I had … Continue reading Coeliac and Weight Gain

When Gluten attacks

After having a couple of episodes where somehow Gluten has inadvertently gotten into my system, and I've had worsening reactions, I thought it best to share what I do to try to reduce the symptoms while getting back into my usual Gluten free routine. Drink lots of water - I know it seems daft, but … Continue reading When Gluten attacks

Slow Cooked Sausage ‘Casserole’

I'm a big slow cooker fan - and yes it might be the middle of summer, but sometimes you just fancy something more hearty to eat than the usual stir fry, salad etc. So here is my recipe for a Sausage 'Casserole' (take casserole lightly as it's my take on it!). Ingredients x1 Pack of … Continue reading Slow Cooked Sausage ‘Casserole’

I love my Bread maker

Since I was diagnosed the one thing, nay the only thing, I really truly epically missed from my diet was BREAD. If you have coeliac or you're living Gluten Free for other health reasons I'm sure you'll understand how much losing that soft, fluffy deliciousness affected you. It was like giving up a drug. Bread … Continue reading I love my Bread maker

My Diagnosis! Pt. 2

Being diagnosed as coeliac. Part Two.