Skills COVID-19 taught me; Gardening

I’m the one who can kill most plants with no intention of doing harm. The only plants I can keep are those that thrive on neglect, I’m a bad plant parent.... so much so my god-daughter almost refused to give me a pumpkin because she knows it will most likely end up dead. I am … Continue reading Skills COVID-19 taught me; Gardening

None of us know what we’re doing…. and that’s the Truth

2018 was the year I blogged a lot, a WHOLE LORDY-B LOT, about my growth as a human being. I thought I'd levelled up as an adult and was finally #thriving - roll on 2020... #adultieradult A work pal sent me this the other day, and it really couldn't be more true - we're all … Continue reading None of us know what we’re doing…. and that’s the Truth

Coeliac Awareness: 5 things I wish I’d known

I've been diagnosed coeliac for a few years now, so in honor of that (and coeliac awareness week), I figured it was an ideal time to share the 5 things I wish I was told in the first weeks of my diagnosis 1. Join coeliac UK If there is one thing I'd recommend to ANY … Continue reading Coeliac Awareness: 5 things I wish I’d known

Goal Setting 2019

It’s December the 27th and it’s 10:19pm and I have an epic case of insomnia so what better to do than reflect on the past year, and set new goals for the coming year? Lets start out here by saying 2018 has been a year. A big old massive year, with highest of highs and … Continue reading Goal Setting 2019

Food is: Fuel

Pinterest, I don’t know about your feed, but mine is FULL of pins about this new ‘healthy’ food, or this ‘syn free’ meal, or things that are labelled as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods - or my top annoyance the word DIET. Can we all just take a second to look up diet in the dictionary, … Continue reading Food is: Fuel