Scaling isn’t Failing; A WODucation

In April 2018 I added something new to my fitness routine and began my Journey into the world of CrossFit. It's now almost a year later and true to form, and my competitive nature, I signed up to take part in the open. It's just been revealed what 19.4 is and I figure now is … Continue reading Scaling isn’t Failing; A WODucation

Product Review: Jet Black Signature Shorts #JustStrong

I’ve been a brand ambassador for Just Strong Clothing for almost a year now, so figured it was time to do a product review - because I really do love their clothing!! I am a participant in the Just Strong Clothing Ambassador Program, and some links and product codes included within this post allow me … Continue reading Product Review: Jet Black Signature Shorts #JustStrong

Just Strong Brand Ambassador

If you follow me on any social media you'll know that I'm now a part of the Just Strong Ambassador programme. So why, you may ask, am I an ambassador for Just Strong? They're a brand that I can believe in. They're made specifically for women and focus on fit and function. I hate it … Continue reading Just Strong Brand Ambassador