Roller Derby Coaching – Part.2 When the Plan isn’t working

Your plan is written and then it happens - for some reason something doesn’t seem to be working out, you have an ‘oh my god’ moment…. I used to genuinely panic at this point - I’ve been known to actually skate out of the hall in a flat spin, shout at myself in the toilets … Continue reading Roller Derby Coaching – Part.2 When the Plan isn’t working


Find Your Passion

Find your Passion: fitness when you’re younger is about play, competition and socialization and how the word exercise - such as in PE classes at school - would develop these negative connotations. As adults, we keep that mentality, we seem to experience the word exercise with a negative emotional response - and we need to reboot that and start doing the things we ENJOY, and not see it as punishment, but as play.

What CrossFit is teaching me…

As an athlete - yes I know I originally used the term quite mockingly - but actually, I am! #owningit Anyway, as an athlete, over the past few years, I've been looking for ways to improve myself at my sport. Improving my fitness was one part of that, but on the most part it was … Continue reading What CrossFit is teaching me…

Be your OWN Motivation

Cringey post warning.... For a long time I’ve wanted to write something about this, because I know a lot of people think, feel or have had or are still going through the same or similar journey. As a human being I have struggled with my self image. As a teenager I was surrounded by people … Continue reading Be your OWN Motivation

My Sport, My Period

WARNING - THIS IS A MENSTRUATION BASED POST Who else can be having a super great training month, feel like they're winning at life, and then get knocked for six and literally have to not do anything because of their period? We don't talk about the effects of menstruation on athletes enough. Fu Yuanhui started … Continue reading My Sport, My Period