You’re insecure, I’m insecure, we’re all insecure

(Said in an Oprah Winfrey giveaway voice) I'm never going to have a body like Brooke Ence, in the same way I'm never going to have a body like Kate Moss, in the same way I'm never going to have a body like Ashley Graham… why? Because I don't have their genetics. We're so quick … Continue reading You’re insecure, I’m insecure, we’re all insecure

Goal Setting 2019

It’s December the 27th and it’s 10:19pm and I have an epic case of insomnia so what better to do than reflect on the past year, and set new goals for the coming year? Lets start out here by saying 2018 has been a year. A big old massive year, with highest of highs and … Continue reading Goal Setting 2019

Icelandic Adventure

No, I’m not nuts, but yes I am going to Iceland, in December. I’m travelling to Reykjavik in early December to go explore what looks to be an absolutely beautiful country. I haven’t travelled solo since I went to the USA and Canada waaaaay back in the day, and although I travelled there solo I … Continue reading Icelandic Adventure

500km Done

We've made it, back to the ferry and on the shortest route of the journey so far. Holland it's been wonderful. We literally had two extremes of weather, but in reality we've been really lucky it didn't rain and thunder the whole time. I've eaten Salmon and Steak nearly every day #fuelling and had some … Continue reading 500km Done

Utrecht (Tienhoven) – Amsterdam – Haarlem

Amsterdam is horrific to cycle in. That is the summary of cycling in the city, awful, horrible, confusing, frightening.... any of those words fulfil the emotions felt during our cycle across the city to our host accommodation. The journey to Amsterdam wasn't so bad, it rained and was a lot cooler - you could tell … Continue reading Utrecht (Tienhoven) – Amsterdam – Haarlem